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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Top 5 amazing features of Magento 2

It is officially announced that the next generation of Magento which is Magento 2 has been released. This new platform is considered as the leading of open source digital e-commerce platform. However, there are a large number people who are curious about the big question: "What is Magento 2.0?". It offers enhanced scalability and performance, productivity, business agility as well as new features to increase conversion rates. It also help you build on your open source heritage, offers unmatched flexibility and innovation chances to your global ecosystem of both developers and partners.
There are two version of Magento 2 which are available for download:  Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0 and Magento Community Edition 2.0.

Engaging Shopping Experiences
The thing is seen as a central to the Magento 2.0 version is creating engaging, personalized and seamless customer experiences across any device. Moreover, Magento 2 can help you to create website quickly which supports anywhere, anytime sales. In addition, you also can share your products in a more immersive way through integrated video. And, you can offer convenient, one-click account creation to save customer profiles for future purchases

Secure Payments
Besides, Magento 2 comes with tight out-of-the-box integrations with Authorize.net gateways, PayPal and Braintree. Especially, Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0 can integrates with CyberSource as well as WorldPay. All of the versions provide the ability and improved security to pursue the easiest level of PCI compliance, basing on the selected payment method.

Open, Flexible Architecture
A next-generation architecture which offers unmatched flexibility to bring your commerce vision to life is underpinning all of these new releases. A modular code which enables customization easily and time to market quickly. There are more efficient and extensive APIs which allow you to operate as well as connect at scale with any third party solution. A wide range of turnkey extensions can also be affordable and fast enhancements to your own store.  

Enhanced Business Agility and Productivity
Magento Commerce is also revolutionizing the merchant experience, enabling you to operate more efficiently and handle rapid growth, without scaling up your team. The new Admin panel design offers a streamlined, consumer-like interface that saves time when managing day-to-day tasks and is intuitive for new team members to learn. It is also touch-friendly so you can make updates or track sales while on-the-go.
Improved business tools empower you to continuously optimize your operations to drive growth. You can now effortlessly customize and save views in the Admin panel to enable quick access to information critical to your business. Setting up new products is also faster, with a step-by-step product creation tool and product import capabilities that are 4x faster than before.

Easier Maintenance and Upgrades
Lastly, modular architecture decrease the cost of maintaining your website and complexity. Moreover, it futureproos your investment by simplifying upgrades. It means that you can incorporate innovativefuncctionality because it is released by Magento Commerce on a quaterly basis to drive greater efficiency as well as higher sale.

Start Exploring Today
There are many ways to learn more about the powerful and innovative Magento Commerce platform:
  • To access product information, videos, and white papers visit the Magento Enterprise Edition page.
  • To find a Magento 2.0 Trained Solution Partner visit the Partner Directory or the blog post
  • To see all the extensions available for Magento 2.0, visit our dedicated extension page. We highly recommend this, this, and this extension.
  • To learn more about merchants already deployed on Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0, check out our early adopter blog post.
In order to enhance your e-commerce website, you need to consider Top 5 best features of Magento 2 for online store. The important thing is that before upgrading to Magento 2.0, you need to know clearly requirement of migration to Magento 2 


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