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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Magento 2 One Step checkout - what features should you need in checkout.

If shoppers have committed to buying a product, your job is to get them through checkout as swiftly as possible. To do so, ask as little of them as possible.
Most online stores assume the best way to streamline purchases is to reduce the number of steps in a checkout, hence the popularity of “one-step” checkouts. But a one-step checkout is no different from a five-step checkout if it demands the same input from customers, just condensed onto one page. The only real difference is that customers have to squint more. And here comes with the Magento 2 One Step checkout to faster your checkout process.
To truly ask less of customers, the checkout has to take on the burden. Below are four unique areas where the checkout can do the work for the customers:

1. City, State, and Country

Web forms ask for addresses in the same format that people use on envelopes. It’s what people are familiar with, and it reduces the chance for errors.
By moving the zip code form to the front of the address entry, we can use information already available to us in order to streamline customer input. Using free lookup tables, a checkout can match the exact values for city, state, and country solely from the zip code. The checkout does the work, thus eliminating the need for customers to type in the information.

2. Credit Card Type

In order to validate credit cards, payment providers still need to know the type of credit card being used. As a result, we see lots of checkouts still asking for the credit card type upfront along with the credit card number, expiration date, and the 3- to 4-digit CVV (card verification value) number.
But just like the zip code lookup, the credit card type can be calculated by the credit card number itself. All credit cards from a common provider (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, etc.) follow a pattern.

3. Returning Customers

Most checkouts start with a potentially jarring set of questions: “Are you new here or a returning customer? Don’t remember? Follow this hyperlink.”
This is yet another scenario where algorithmic detection can help answer the question. The user’s email address can be looked up automatically in the e-commerce store’s database to determine whether a customer record exists.
If it does, a login prompt can appear. Otherwise, the user can move forward undisrupted.

4. Shipping Method

Though most standard e-commerce checkouts have corrected this, some still fail to select a default shipping method for their user.
By selecting the most inexpensive option by default, the checkout does the work of filling in yet another form for the user.
In conclusion, you can check all these types of One step checkout For more detail
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Magento 2 One Step checkout
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