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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Magento 2 One Step checkout - what features should you need in checkout.

If shoppers have committed to buying a product, your job is to get them through checkout as swiftly as possible. To do so, ask as little of them as possible.
Most online stores assume the best way to streamline purchases is to reduce the number of steps in a checkout, hence the popularity of “one-step” checkouts. But a one-step checkout is no different from a five-step checkout if it demands the same input from customers, just condensed onto one page. The only real difference is that customers have to squint more. And here comes with the Magento 2 One Step checkout to faster your checkout process.
To truly ask less of customers, the checkout has to take on the burden. Below are four unique areas where the checkout can do the work for the customers:

1. City, State, and Country

Web forms ask for addresses in the same format that people use on envelopes. It’s what people are familiar with, and it reduces the chance for errors.
By moving the zip code form to the front of the address entry, we can use information already available to us in order to streamline customer input. Using free lookup tables, a checkout can match the exact values for city, state, and country solely from the zip code. The checkout does the work, thus eliminating the need for customers to type in the information.

2. Credit Card Type

In order to validate credit cards, payment providers still need to know the type of credit card being used. As a result, we see lots of checkouts still asking for the credit card type upfront along with the credit card number, expiration date, and the 3- to 4-digit CVV (card verification value) number.
But just like the zip code lookup, the credit card type can be calculated by the credit card number itself. All credit cards from a common provider (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, etc.) follow a pattern.

3. Returning Customers

Most checkouts start with a potentially jarring set of questions: “Are you new here or a returning customer? Don’t remember? Follow this hyperlink.”
This is yet another scenario where algorithmic detection can help answer the question. The user’s email address can be looked up automatically in the e-commerce store’s database to determine whether a customer record exists.
If it does, a login prompt can appear. Otherwise, the user can move forward undisrupted.

4. Shipping Method

Though most standard e-commerce checkouts have corrected this, some still fail to select a default shipping method for their user.
By selecting the most inexpensive option by default, the checkout does the work of filling in yet another form for the user.
In conclusion, you can check all these types of One step checkout For more detail
Click Here

Magento 2 One Step checkout
Magento 2 One Page checkout

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Magento POS ipad - Email receipts versus a smartphone

On a recent point, I spoke when you issue a receipt to a customer you can either print it or send it by email or dongle.

A dongle is a relatively inexpensive device on the counter which when a customer waves their smartphone over it, the receipt goes straight into the smartphone.

Like everything, there are plus and minus to everything so it brought some questions.

The major point is that checkouts have to be fast. Customers do not like to be kept waiting. The secondary issue is saving money by supplying so saving paper and printing costs. In an effort to do both many of our clients either email receipts or use a dongle rather than print them and both work.

Here are some advantages to the smartphone.
1) Asking for email addresses annoys customers as most people are reluctant to give out their email address as they are now being bombarded with emails. And a smartphone has Magento POS ipad.
2) Email addresses given are frequently wrongly transcribed.
3) Getting an email address takes time on the checkout increasing the wait time for people in the queue.
4) Smartphone receipts are better.
5) Many prefer smartphone receipts.
6) Smartphone receipts are faster.

Here are some advantages to using email.
1) You have an email address for marketing e.g. newsletters.
2) Not everyone has a smartphone handy; I sometimes forget it, and often it just runs out of juice.
3) Not everyone is sufficiently technical to use smartphone receipts.
4) Many prefer email receipts.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

5 Trends Shaping Retail and Why All Employers Should Care

As retailers wrap up Q1 2016, now is a good time to reflect on recent retail trends as we look forward to what the future holds.
You have better know more about POS software trends in 2016. So you will understand Magento POS ipad.
Understanding the broader environmental shifts can shape our strategies and ensure we aren’t caught off guard. I’m going to highlight five trends retailers should keep in mind as well as insights all employers should consider to improve the customer and employee experience:
  • Interconnectivity
  • Omni-store
  • Beacons and buttons
  • Black Friday
  • Personalization
In this first post, I’m going to focus on the first two trends. Interconnectivity is a collective digital transformation which has been building over the last several years. Technology spending isn’t simply a nice-to-do, it is a necessity. Traditionally, retailers considered their spending across five distinct categories: in-store hardware, in-store software, marketing and operations solutions, supply chain systems and hardware, and loss prevention/asset protection solutions.
Among the leading retail executives Innovative Retail Technologies (IRT) surveyed, tech spending decisions are no longer being made in these distinct category silos. Instead, they’re being made by cross-disciplinary teams with a holistic understanding of their enterprise and Omni-channel goals.
This digital transformation and new purchasing approach is happening in the name of Omni-channel connectivity. Retail executives’ plans point to an all-out race to connect data from any and all channels to better serve the customer — and the business — wherever both are found. In the retail world this is often referred to as Unified Commerce with the goal of providing one version of truth for data pertaining to customers, products, pricing and sourcing.
Insight: Technology purchases should facilitate connecting data from all channels.
I refer to the second trend as Omni-store because the physical brick-and-mortar store still plays an important role in the retail world even as online channels build. To truly be Omni-channel requires letting go of the legacy systems and practices, such as managerial accounting, and creating reward structures and measurements that don’t simply rely on the physical. This trend ties closely to the first trend as interconnectivity really enables the procurement, sales and delivery or merchandise independent of channel. Here are a few considerations and facts supporting the Omni-store trend:
  • Inventory visibility. This year, nearly 62 percent of the IRT survey respondents claimed to have inventory visibility across all channels compared to less than 50 percent the previous year.
  • Order management. More than 34 percent of retailers intend to spend on solutions that improve inventory management through better visibility, and more than a third will invest in order management/fulfillment solutions.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Why Magento Popup is a “must-have” for your Ecommerce Store

Magento popup is always a controversial topic. Yeah, They have earned themselves a bad reputation as many find them boring and intrusive. However, they are staging a revival through many popular websites.
But do pop-ups really work? Today, we will demonstrate their effectiveness and show you how to use them wisely. That way you can avoid using ill-timed pop-up windows despised by web surfers
The purpose of a popup is to provide a very strong call-to-action. This action might be an announcement or sale you want to the visitor to know about, but more often than not, it's to collect email addresses.
With magento popup extension, you can create unlimited pop ups, design from predefined templates or create new with multi-purpose: list building, call-to-action, social follow, video play, Set flexible display rules based on visitor behavior, time, trigger, store view, Freely set popup position appeared on page and have fully customizable styles and effects
Having a good website is vital for any kind of business, whether small or big. However, something that should be emphasized is the need for customization and email marketing.
Here are top 6 best benefits of magento popup extension for your ecommerce store
1. Marketing benefits

An informative website is a great place for marketing the services or products offered by a particular business. Through customization, the products can be seen by many people and therefore it complements the marketing duties of the business.
Moreover, Magento popup extension might collect email address for your online store. You spend time and money to keep filling the bucket with customers but the majority usually falls out of the holes and are gone . This is obviously counter-intuitive to a successful business. To keep customers in the bucket and being able to bring back those that fall out is really crucial to running a long term successful business. You might get a chance to convert visiter to a customer with effective email marketing campaigns by collecting email address of visiters.
2.Attract visitor attention
Any action suggested in a pop-up carries a higher conversion rate than when it is simply published on the website. It is undeniable that this approach, which forces users to look, does a better job at attracting visitor attention. Because Magento popup might Attract visitor attention then it might Quickly increase your conversion rate

3.Easy to create

You might create a magento popup easily with many magento popup form, magento popup banner. Magento popup campaign doesn’t necessarily require a huge team or reams of technical nous in order to be successful. In addition, It’s certainly possible to jazz up an magento popup form with fancy templates, videos, images and logos. In addition, some of the most successful magento popup form   utilise simple plain text form, suggesting that it’s the content of an form that is the most important thing.
4.Social Media Integration

Because  magento popup might help collect email for your online store by many magento , You can easily integrate your social media icons within emails to allow social sharing to be part of your email strategy, thus helping to further spread the visibility of your campaign.
5.Lower costs
Yeah, magento ecommerce popup might be attained at low costs, which is crucial in the current ecommerce market. Experts regard a website like an expansion of the office that involves fewer expenses, but has the advantages of having better market reach following effective magento popup extension through customization and email marketing
In addition, magento popup email marketing might lower  its cost compared to mainstream marketing channels. Yeah, There are no print or postage costs and no fees paid in exchange for exposure on a certain billboard, magazine or television channel.
6.Improves profits
Enhanced consumer accessibility caused by customization usually translates to better sales. An improved sale in any business usually leads to better profits.
Conversely, simple is usually better as some customization controls might scare away beginner internet users. Moreover, non-customizable websites are simpler since they have reduced number of controls. There are many more interesting extensions for you to explore at marketplace Magento to strengthen your sites Check this out!


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Top 5 amazing features of Magento 2

It is officially announced that the next generation of Magento which is Magento 2 has been released. This new platform is considered as the leading of open source digital e-commerce platform. However, there are a large number people who are curious about the big question: "What is Magento 2.0?". It offers enhanced scalability and performance, productivity, business agility as well as new features to increase conversion rates. It also help you build on your open source heritage, offers unmatched flexibility and innovation chances to your global ecosystem of both developers and partners.
There are two version of Magento 2 which are available for download:  Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0 and Magento Community Edition 2.0.

Engaging Shopping Experiences
The thing is seen as a central to the Magento 2.0 version is creating engaging, personalized and seamless customer experiences across any device. Moreover, Magento 2 can help you to create website quickly which supports anywhere, anytime sales. In addition, you also can share your products in a more immersive way through integrated video. And, you can offer convenient, one-click account creation to save customer profiles for future purchases

Secure Payments
Besides, Magento 2 comes with tight out-of-the-box integrations with Authorize.net gateways, PayPal and Braintree. Especially, Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0 can integrates with CyberSource as well as WorldPay. All of the versions provide the ability and improved security to pursue the easiest level of PCI compliance, basing on the selected payment method.

Open, Flexible Architecture
A next-generation architecture which offers unmatched flexibility to bring your commerce vision to life is underpinning all of these new releases. A modular code which enables customization easily and time to market quickly. There are more efficient and extensive APIs which allow you to operate as well as connect at scale with any third party solution. A wide range of turnkey extensions can also be affordable and fast enhancements to your own store.  

Enhanced Business Agility and Productivity
Magento Commerce is also revolutionizing the merchant experience, enabling you to operate more efficiently and handle rapid growth, without scaling up your team. The new Admin panel design offers a streamlined, consumer-like interface that saves time when managing day-to-day tasks and is intuitive for new team members to learn. It is also touch-friendly so you can make updates or track sales while on-the-go.
Improved business tools empower you to continuously optimize your operations to drive growth. You can now effortlessly customize and save views in the Admin panel to enable quick access to information critical to your business. Setting up new products is also faster, with a step-by-step product creation tool and product import capabilities that are 4x faster than before.

Easier Maintenance and Upgrades
Lastly, modular architecture decrease the cost of maintaining your website and complexity. Moreover, it futureproos your investment by simplifying upgrades. It means that you can incorporate innovativefuncctionality because it is released by Magento Commerce on a quaterly basis to drive greater efficiency as well as higher sale.

Start Exploring Today
There are many ways to learn more about the powerful and innovative Magento Commerce platform:
  • To access product information, videos, and white papers visit the Magento Enterprise Edition page.
  • To find a Magento 2.0 Trained Solution Partner visit the Partner Directory or the blog post
  • To see all the extensions available for Magento 2.0, visit our dedicated extension page. We highly recommend this, this, and this extension.
  • To learn more about merchants already deployed on Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0, check out our early adopter blog post.
In order to enhance your e-commerce website, you need to consider Top 5 best features of Magento 2 for online store. The important thing is that before upgrading to Magento 2.0, you need to know clearly requirement of migration to Magento 2 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

5 ways to optimize your site to engage more customer

Hi friends,
What are you searching today? Thinking about some strategies that could make your business expand the market and create the difference with your rival, aren’t you?
Believe me, they think like you too. Everyday, we rack our brain trying to figure out how to get more customers, but have ever spend few minutes to think about why we do that? Can we find some strategies which are more effective.

So, after giving you recommendations to using Magento Embedded Product with we will gather 5 ways to optimize your site, in order to increase conversion rates and boost your sales.

1, Make Navigation and Search Tools more friendly.

The first step to optimize your site is ensuring customer can find your product easily. Believe us, they don’t have patience in your storefront if search tools work slowly. Image that Chrismas come closer and a guy want to buy a special gift for his girlfriend. But the trouble is that he will flood in thousands product showed on storefront. Well, what can we do? Just see him be confused and leaves your site?
By using autocomplete function, you can make his desired item appear immediately after typing few words. Futhermore, you can offer mobile search solution to rocket sales. In fact, 30% of US ecommerce sales are on mobile so helping customers skip numerous steps using shopping app and friendly mobile screen will boost sales up.

Thirsty and no Coffee Shop near? No matter. You can find everything with it.
Besides, don’t forget to create a special holiday category and making it pop out on your mega menu. This Navigation will make customers focus on your campaigns and help them find what they are looking for quickly and get better user experiment.

Who doesn’t love this simple and direct Menu like this?

2, Reduce Check Out Time

At the end of the holiday season, customers have different tone of shopping. They may be less conscious about the price. Instead, convenience must become the top as they are running out of time. Reduce check out time by fast check out and Web POS will help customer feel comfortable instead of wasting too much time to buy a gift item. Just try and see your customers buy like “Fast and Furious”.

The easier I buy, The more money I spend.

3, Offer Promotion Gift and Give Reward Points

You know that people love freebies, especially in the festive atmosphere! Why not offer them some small gifts. They must feel so warm to choose you. By using promotion gift, you will impress customers and pull them closer to your products. Besides, try to give your customers a reason for coming back on this sale season by giving them reward points for their activities on site right from now. They can play haloween games, do test, or review about our product and receive reward points. Interesting, isn’t it? No one will refuse you now!

Visitor will get closer with your store with it.

4, Add social sharing button on product’s page.

Nowadays, social channels are extremely for e-commerce. The shoppers turn to Youtube video and read Facebook reviews and rating before go to shopping. So placing sharing buttons in prominent areas in your site’s design will motivate customers to share their reviews of a product to their Twitter followers or Facebook friends, or allow them to share a sales offer or even a sales confirmation email.

Know the power of social channels and boost your traffic with them!

5, Set up Magento Embedded Product for your site.
You have already known about What Magento Embedded Product is and Why an online store need it, and you want to know more detail about all of this extension.
Magento Embedded Product has 4 powerful main features, that I can name here are:
But why It can make the different? Back to the past, the trend was navigating customers to the product page to generate sales, all online store owners need is building as many backlinks as possible. And let imagine when your store becomes bigger and bigger, how many time and human resource you have to pay for that. Fortunately, now your products can appear in any page and any site with the development of Magento Embedded Product. Besides, you can choose different links for CTA button & widget: product page, shopping cart page, checkout page or any wanted page. If you choose checkout page, the product will be add to cart right away. So now, your affiliate sites can generate sales directly without navigating customers to the product page.

For both the store owners and the customers, the holidays are a stressful time in the retail world. But the revenue will increase more and more in this time if you can optimize your site on right ways. Well, Are you ready for Holiday season?
Let try these tips and don’t forget to register for our newsletter!