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Sunday, February 21, 2016

5 ways to optimize your site to engage more customer

Hi friends,
What are you searching today? Thinking about some strategies that could make your business expand the market and create the difference with your rival, aren’t you?
Believe me, they think like you too. Everyday, we rack our brain trying to figure out how to get more customers, but have ever spend few minutes to think about why we do that? Can we find some strategies which are more effective.

So, after giving you recommendations to using Magento Embedded Product with we will gather 5 ways to optimize your site, in order to increase conversion rates and boost your sales.

1, Make Navigation and Search Tools more friendly.

The first step to optimize your site is ensuring customer can find your product easily. Believe us, they don’t have patience in your storefront if search tools work slowly. Image that Chrismas come closer and a guy want to buy a special gift for his girlfriend. But the trouble is that he will flood in thousands product showed on storefront. Well, what can we do? Just see him be confused and leaves your site?
By using autocomplete function, you can make his desired item appear immediately after typing few words. Futhermore, you can offer mobile search solution to rocket sales. In fact, 30% of US ecommerce sales are on mobile so helping customers skip numerous steps using shopping app and friendly mobile screen will boost sales up.

Thirsty and no Coffee Shop near? No matter. You can find everything with it.
Besides, don’t forget to create a special holiday category and making it pop out on your mega menu. This Navigation will make customers focus on your campaigns and help them find what they are looking for quickly and get better user experiment.

Who doesn’t love this simple and direct Menu like this?

2, Reduce Check Out Time

At the end of the holiday season, customers have different tone of shopping. They may be less conscious about the price. Instead, convenience must become the top as they are running out of time. Reduce check out time by fast check out and Web POS will help customer feel comfortable instead of wasting too much time to buy a gift item. Just try and see your customers buy like “Fast and Furious”.

The easier I buy, The more money I spend.

3, Offer Promotion Gift and Give Reward Points

You know that people love freebies, especially in the festive atmosphere! Why not offer them some small gifts. They must feel so warm to choose you. By using promotion gift, you will impress customers and pull them closer to your products. Besides, try to give your customers a reason for coming back on this sale season by giving them reward points for their activities on site right from now. They can play haloween games, do test, or review about our product and receive reward points. Interesting, isn’t it? No one will refuse you now!

Visitor will get closer with your store with it.

4, Add social sharing button on product’s page.

Nowadays, social channels are extremely for e-commerce. The shoppers turn to Youtube video and read Facebook reviews and rating before go to shopping. So placing sharing buttons in prominent areas in your site’s design will motivate customers to share their reviews of a product to their Twitter followers or Facebook friends, or allow them to share a sales offer or even a sales confirmation email.

Know the power of social channels and boost your traffic with them!

5, Set up Magento Embedded Product for your site.
You have already known about What Magento Embedded Product is and Why an online store need it, and you want to know more detail about all of this extension.
Magento Embedded Product has 4 powerful main features, that I can name here are:
But why It can make the different? Back to the past, the trend was navigating customers to the product page to generate sales, all online store owners need is building as many backlinks as possible. And let imagine when your store becomes bigger and bigger, how many time and human resource you have to pay for that. Fortunately, now your products can appear in any page and any site with the development of Magento Embedded Product. Besides, you can choose different links for CTA button & widget: product page, shopping cart page, checkout page or any wanted page. If you choose checkout page, the product will be add to cart right away. So now, your affiliate sites can generate sales directly without navigating customers to the product page.

For both the store owners and the customers, the holidays are a stressful time in the retail world. But the revenue will increase more and more in this time if you can optimize your site on right ways. Well, Are you ready for Holiday season?
Let try these tips and don’t forget to register for our newsletter!


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